Art Gallery

art gallery

Art Gallery
Location: Chicago, IL

A long-time client, artist, and friend of Buctel Metal runs a gallery in the greater Chicagoland area. The gallery’s antiquarian aesthetic calls for dark browns, bronze, and aged brass. Our initial meeting with the client was to get a clear understanding of the look they wanted to achieve. Once that was done, we relayed the information to our team who knew exactly how to deliver. The water-jet cut perforated bronze panels were delivered to us the next day, bare and hot.

We began by applying a #3 skip trowel finish to the metal using a 60 grit sander. This deliberately ages the metal, taking it from its organic yellow tone to a darker, warmer tone. Next, we apply a patina solution to the bronze to achieve a uniform warm tone across all sheets of metal. This step can be repeated until the desired look has been achieved.

Finally, the protection. The panels were coated in a clear-lacquer that protects the previous steps in the process from corrosion.

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve multiple industries, including the public arts and welcome any new opportunities to do so in your community.