Pentagon Memorial

buctel pentagon memorial

Pentagon Memorial
Location: Memorial Park in Arlington, Virginia
Opened: September 11, 2008

In March of 2008, Buctel Metal Finishing was subcontracted to perform the finishing on the stainless steel benches that make up the memorial outside of the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Within 2 years, the benches were created, and honored were the 184 mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, brothers, sisters, coworkers, flight crew, friends, and patriots aboard hijacked American Airlines Flight 77.

The intricacy of the cantilevered stainless steel bench-frame design provided a challenge and an opportunity for Buctel. The longtime client was vigilant about uniformity and consistency. In order to meet deadlines and pass inspection tests, we knew we had to get to work.

Our team was confident this was within our process capabilities and was excited to work with all involved parties and their corresponding engineering teams. After multiple discussions and a clear understanding of what was expected, our team came up with innovative and efficient polishing techniques that would save us time and our client money. The frame’s undersides were polished using custom modified equipment to a commercial #4 satin finish (180 grit), buffed, etched, and then lacquered to prevent corrosion and oxidation. By way of expertise, time, and collaboration, we were able to deliver a satisfactory and awarded product to our client.

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